Keroben vol37

The Keroro Platoon and their partners in Keroro Land.

In Keroro Gunso, partners are known as Keronian guardians.


Natsumi owned Nuii when she was little

Beta Partners Edit

Early on, before the main plot of the Keroro Gunso manga was finished, the Keroro Platoon had female partners, instead of both male and female. The characters were:

  • Jun Yamato and Keroro (Jun was later changed to Natsumi)
  • Chinatsu Yahagi and Corporal Kekero (Chinatsu most likely became Rie Imogo due to her bottom text saying, associated rival and Corporal Kekero later became Giroro.)
  • Haruna Hibifu and Master Sergeant Rororo (Master Sgt. Rororo became Kururu)
  • Fuyumi Yukikaze and Private Second Class Roroke (Fuyumi most likely became part of Aki Hinata's character, due to being as a street racing, boss, sister and Private Second Class Roroke became Tamama)
  • Akie Asagiri and Lieutenant Rokeke (Lieutenant Rokeke became Lance Corporal Dororo)

Gallery Edit

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