Pekopon in anime.

In the anime and manga series Keroro Gunso, Pekopon/Pokopen (ペコポン/ポコペン) is what aliens call Earth. The main location featured is Inner Tokyo, Japan. It is the third planet located in The Far Away System.[1]

Etymology and IssuesEdit

Pekopon in the Flash Series

Pekopon as it appears in the flash series.

In the manga, Earth is referred to as Pokopen, where as in the anime, it is Pekopon. "Pokopen" is a derogatory word the Japanese used to describe China during the Sino-Japanese Wars, and has since been banned from TV programs by the mass communications authority in Japan.

Inhabitance of the E.T.sEdit

The anime features several episodes where aliens debut:

  • Modern Times

Tokyo Station Platform 0Edit

The gateway to Pekopon, it is a parody of the anime "999". It is used by a variety of alien species, including Keronians.

Alien Street Side 6Edit

An alien marketing hot spot. It is located under the city. There are more than one Alien Streets. In one episode, they have to combine and turn into a giant robot.

  • The Ancient times

The Pharox

The Pharox is described as a giant alien toilet in the Grand star.

  • Peru`s Great Drawings

In the anime, it appears to be the meaning of an alien civilization.

The Inhabitants of the PlanetEdit

Picture day

The majority of Pekoponians who know aliens exist.

The Inhabitants of Earth are commonly known as Pekoponians(humans), by the aliens. There are some Pekoponians which are the main defense and are allied with aliens to prevent the Invasion/Destruction of their home planet.

Here are some of them:


Fuyuki HinataEdit

The Pekoponian friend of Keroro since the Keroro Platoon first arrived on Earth. He constantly saves his home planet from destruction (Ex. When he stopped Angol Mois from destroying the planet by telling Keroro by saying that "If the world is destroyed there won't be anymore Gundam Models". He is shown to be very calm and reasonable, but despite this he is shown to be lazy, and bad at both sports and schoolwork.


Natsumi HinataEdit

She is the older sister of Fuyuki and she is the one in charge of the house when Aki Hinata (her mom) is not home. She mostly attacks Keroro for not doing his chores. She has a soft side which is sometimes shown. It is most commonly shown to Giroro, who is considered Natsumi's partner, when she gets saved by him or when she helps their friends.


Aki HinataEdit

The mother of Fuyuki and Natsumi. She is mostly at work, editing manga and rarely gets to go home (most of the time) or have a vacation (when she doesn't have a day off). She has also an enthusiastic personality, something that earns her the nickname "Dynamite Woman", but tends to be calm and effective most times.


Momoka NishizawaEdit

She is the life saver and partner of Tamama and the daughter of the owner of Nishizawa group, which holds 51% of the economy in the whole world. She is also known to have a split personality, one which usually changes her from ending shy and sweet to brutal and tough. However, both personalities have an interest in Fuyuki which is quite obvious or mostly seen by her.


Mutsumi HojoEdit

He is the closest Pekoponian friend of Kururu and a target at first by Kururu. He saved Kururu by using the Reality Pen he stole from him (Kururu)--when they first met, he immediately saw through the anti-barrier, and stole one of the two reality pens before running from Kururu. He later used the pen to save him from a space plant and becoming... not enemies, but later we were told that if he helped find his friends that he would teach Saburo some tricks.


Koyuki AzumayaEdit

A ninja girl or "kunoichi" that saved Dororo from a bear trap and thought he was a Kappa. She has a deep interest in Natsumi for unknown reasons, but Natsumi just sees Koyuki as a normal friend. She also lives in a small house in the country, which can be seen from the Nishizawa Tower. (In the manga both her and Dororo live next door to the Hinata's house.)

Gallery Edit


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