Shouri no Hanabira / Haruharari
Shouri no Hanabira
Front cover
Single by Chinatouchable
Released May 10, 2006
Length 18 min
Label Sony Music Direct
Price ¥1,020
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Shouri no Hanabira
Lyricist Yasushi Akimoto
Composer Daisuke Kato, Thoroughbred
Arrangement Daisuke Kato
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Petals of Victory (勝利の花びら Shouri no Hanabira) is the sixth ending theme of Keroro Gunso (first ending theme for season three) sung by the one-time group Chinatouchable, which consists of Chinatsu Wakatsuki and Untouchable from episode 104 to episode 116. It is a song in the single

Petals of Victory / Haruharari (勝利の花びら/ハルハラリ) .


  • Chorus: Thoroughbreds

Petals of Victory / Haruharari track listEdit

  1. Petals of Victory
  2. Haruharari
  3. Petals of Victory (Original Karaoke)
  4. Haruharari (Original Karaoke)


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