Ph 15
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 4
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Piroro (ピロロ) is a jester like keronian appearing in Keroro Land.


Piroro is a Keronian entertainer and a member of Team Sporty.


He is a adult keronian with a half red, and half black face while on his lower body he is half black and half red. He wears a brown hat with owl looking tuffs on the side, the bottom of his flaps on his hat are yellow. His hat emblem is a yellow diamond while his belly emblem is a yellow club. on the red side of his face is a black spade, while on the black side of his face is a red heart. His eyes are round like Keroro's, and black, while in the middle they are more gray with "X" looking button shapes. He wears a white sharp looking white collar around his neck.


Piroro's name literally comes from pierrot, which means "Clown" in French.


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