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First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 11
Voiced by Mayuko Omimura (Japanese)
Maxey Whitehead (Funimation)
Estívaliz Lizárraga (Spain)
Judy Cheung (Hong Kong)
Lei Biwen (Taiwan)
Jeong Yoo Mi (South Korea)
Aliases Space Police Officer Poyon
Age 14-19
Gender Female
Species / Type Alien Humanoid
Date of birth August 30
Occupation Space Policewoman
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Poyon (ポヨン) is a Space policewoman in the Keroro Gunso franchise.

Characteristics Edit

One of the Space Policewomen. She always shows up just before Keroro Platoon successfully conquered Earth every time. She can travel anywhere instantaneously through the use of space portals. When she's coming out of the portal, she gets out very slow usually singing "Heave ho, Poyon Go". She ends most of her sentences with "poyo." It's revealed that Poyan is her subordinate.

Behavior Edit

Poyon is usually seen descending in a slow rotary motion from a portal in her entrances and as she does so she normally repeats the phrase, "Heave ho! Poyon go! Heave ho! Poyon go! Sorry guys. This is slow. Why so slow? I don't know!" (Funimation Dub), while in the original Japanese version she simply repeats the word poyo.

"Poyo" is a typical word she uses in her sentences, such as when she descends from her portals.

Appearance Edit

She is indistinguishable from a human/pekoponian exept she possesses a pair of antenna on her head.

Height: 154 cm (5' 1")

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Story Edit

Poyon is first seen in episode 11, when her spaceship breaks down, Poyon is than left to fix it. However, at the end of the episode Poyon finally made it to Pekopon to arrest R Gray, 3M and The Camera Man, Mr. G for impersonating Famous Stars, she says that she has been tracking them down for a long time, and is glad that she finally was able to catch them. When Keroro asks what happened to the real stars, she says that they always make their journeys, making Keroro very happy. Poyon is later seen carrying the Fake's spaceship off of Giroro.

Poyon appears again in episode 60, when Keroro goes through space and time. Poyon follows Keroro and asks the guy in the blue car to stop. She than asks Keroro to go with her to the Police Station to do a report as he illegally went through time and went over the speed limit. When Natsumi Hinata asks if she can still go, Poyon says yes. She is last seen interacting with the Narrator when he asks how she is that small, Poyon simply says that she is a Space Policewoman.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 290a, She was thought to have a crush on Paul Moriyama, but at the end of the episode , it turned out that she really wanted to ask Paul to be a space police man.
  • Poyon's Zodiac Sign is Virgo.
  • Poyon's blood type is B.
  • Poyon's name is frequently mistaken for Poyan, her subordinate's name in the Manga.
  • Poyon being an alien police officer may be a referance to Birdy from Birdy the Mighty - Birdy also being a Space Police officer.
  • In the Spanish dub of the anime, Poyon's name was changed to "Hoyon" because it sounded like 'pollon', which translates to an inappropriate meaning in some languages.


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