The ranks followed in Keroro Gunso roughly follows those of the army ranks of the Japanese Empire during World War II.

Officer RanksEdit

Some ranks are shortened.

  • Marshal (元帥陸軍大将 Gensui Rikugun Taishō)
  • General (陸軍大将 Rikugun Taishō)

Generalissimo is a General.

  • Lieutenant General (中将 Chūjō)
  • Major General (少将 Shōshō)
  • Colonel (大佐 Taisa)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (中佐 Chūsa)

When Keroro is turned younger he is labeled a Lieutenant Colonel.

  • Major (少佐 Shōsa)

Geriri is a Major.

  • Captain (大尉 Taii)

Keroro once became the captain of the Garuru Platoon, Jirara is a captain and Keroro calls Aki Captain. Tamama also addresses himself captain in Episode 108.

  • First Lieutenant (中尉 Chūi)

Garuru is a first lieutenant.

  • Second Lieutenant (少尉 Shōi)

Onono is a Second Lieutenant

  • Warrant Officer (准尉 Jun'i)
Bariri is a warrant officer.

Enlisted RanksEdit

  • Sergeant Major/Master Sergeant (曹長/曹長 Sōchō/taichou)

Kururu is a sergeant major. Note: Kururu's rank is higher than Keroro.

  • Sergeant (軍曹 Gunsō)

Keroro is a sergeant.

  • Corporal (伍長 Gochō)

Giroro is a corporal.

  • Lance Corporal (兵長 Heichō)

Dororo and Zoruru are Heichou.

  • Senior Private (上等兵 Jōtōhei)

Taruru became a senior private. Note: Taruru's rank is higher than Tamama's rank.

  • Private Second Class (二等兵 Nitōhei)
Tamama is a private second class.
  • Private Third Class (三等兵 Santōhei)
    Karara was labeled a Private Third Class by Tamama.

Other Ranks Edit

  • Admiral (提督 Teitoku)

Keroro and the others call Akina Hinata admiral.

  • Chief Medic (看護長 Kango-chō)

Pururu is a chief medic.

  • Lowest Grand Sergeant (最低グランド軍曹 Saitei Gurando Gunsō)

Nobibi is a Lowest Grand Sergeant.

  • New Recruit (新兵 Shinpei)

(new recruit) Tororo and Eruru are new recruits.

  • Spy ( Onmitsu)

Gyororo is a spy.

  • Seamstress (お針子 Ohariko)

Nuii is a seamstress.

  • Shogun (将軍 Shougun)
(general) Keroro once declared himself a Shogun and Chibi Fuyuki has also labeled himself as one.

Group Rankings Edit

In Episode 107-A, Keroro explains about Group Rankings. The more people/Keronians you get in your group, the higher up in rank you'll get.

  • Army

The Keron Army is the largest known army on the whole planet.

  • Corps

The Shurara Corps is the only known corps in the series.

  • Brigade
  • Regiment
  • Platoon

There are a number of platoons shown in the series.

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