Rao Cunningham
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First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 140
Gender Male
Species / Type Tarabasawa Alien
Occupation Former "Space Rock-Paper-Scissors" Champion.
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Rao Cunningham' (ラオカニンガム Raokaningamu) is a minor character in Keroro Gunso.


A Space Rock-Paper-Scissors champion, Rao became depressed after losing to Ukee. His children, Mulou Cunningham and Oro Cunningham decide to hunt down Ukee and beat him to cheer up their father.


His face is not shown (due to the family photo with his face ripped and burned), however he's a fair skin colored wearing a blue crab suit.


Mulou Cunningham - Mulou is Rao's daughter.

Oro Cunningham - Oro is Rao's son.

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