Ph 08
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 38
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Raruru (ラルル) is a character in Keroro Land. She is also known as Sanini in her original design before the development.


Raruru is grayish blue Keronian with bright yellow eyes. She has tadpole markings and a point on top of her mouth. She wears a pink cap with long antler-like corals colored pink and purple shadings on the tips. She wears a pink necklace made with pearls and a pink scallop in the middle. Raruru also wears long red gloves and black boots, her symbol is a white scallop on her forehead and her tail resembles her scallop symbol.


Raruru's early name, Sanini possibly comes from the word sango (サンゴ) which means coral.

Raruru's name comes from the romanji word for coral, koraru (コーラル).


  • Her creator's name is "Popo from the Art submission, she is well known on Deviantart as Enerunaru
  • Raruru's original design features to have a yellow cap with a scallop on her cap, her corals have four horns sticking out instead of three, and a pink scallop symbol on her abdomen.
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