Ph 09d
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 41
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Chameleon Ninja
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Reroro (レロロ) is a character in Keroro Land.


Reroro acts just like a chameleon, he can camouflage and stretch his tongue to capture prey.

Based on Reroro's appearance he seems to be a bit insane, and is not all there. He is also a skilled ninja.


Reroro is a dark green chameleon-based Keronian. He wears a black ninja hood with cat like points on his head and a black belt around his waist. He has a prehensile tadpole tail and large, round spring green eyes like Gyororo's, but his left eye resembles a hypnotic trance. His symbol is a red chameleon foot.


Reroro comes from rerorero (レロレロ), a tongue-flicking sound effect.


  • He is the first known Keronian to possess a long tongue.
  • Despite Keronians being known to be very amphibian-like, Reroro is the first reptilian Keronian.
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