Rie Imogo
Rie Imogo
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 81–A
Voiced by Mai Nakahara (Japanese)
Age 13-14
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Student
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Rie Imogo (芋碁 理恵 Imogo Rie) is a character in Keroro Gunso.


Rei is one of the best in athletics in Kissho Academy. As such, she rivals Natsumi Hinata in almost every sport in the school.

She once again appears in episode 118 to face off against Natsumi, Yayoi and Satsuki.

Relationships Edit

Natsumi Hinata - Rie and Natsumi are serious rivals, and Rie always is trying to beat Natsumi. Despite this, they both admire each other's strength and hobbies. When playing baseball with Natsumi's class, Rie allowed Natsumi to keep her bracelet on (the Bracelet being Giroro) even complementing it. After her defeat she congratulated Natsumi, and said she was impressed.

Moguko - Rie appears to see Moguko as a friend. She doesn't pay attention to any of her hateful words, and seems to focus more on Natsumi.


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