First appearance Episode 220
Voiced by Nozomu Sasaki
Gender Male
Species / Type Artificial Keronian
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Sababa (サババ) is a character in Keroro Gunso.


Sababa settled on Earth during the golden age of Egypt, opening the possibility that the Great Pyramids were created through Keronian technology. Having evolved into a sand-based form after hundreds of years, Sababa has lost the ability to communicate in any coherent language, uttering 'sabarabara' at random, which leads Keroro to dub him Sababa.


Sababa and his minions emerges from the paintings and bows to Keroro, allowing him to do whatever he wants for the cash again. After Sababa's minions were used as servants to Keroro, they disappeared. Keroro and co. discovers a pyramid but soon Sababa and his minions build a pyramid for themselves and Keroro found out that they tricked Keroro and Sababa chased after them, then the battle intense. Kururu has an invention where it can summon a Nyororo as it captures Sababa and his minions to absorb humidity, but due to their entire bodies made of sand, Nyororo spit them out, no effect on them. Sababa grew larger after he captured everyone except Keroro, Fuyuki tells Keroro how to defeat Sababa but he was quickly captured. After Sababa was about to attack Keroro, something was malfunctioning Sababa and melts. Kogoro brought an hourglass but the sand pulled up on its own and Sababa appears to be alive and the episode ends.

During the credits, Sababa is seen on top of the sofa watching the fully dried up Keroro and Giroro fighting for the bottle of water.


He wears an old and worn headgear, kohl around his eyes and a pharaoh hook in place of his right hand. His symbol resembles two triangles end-to-end, the lower one twice as large as the upper, which is decorated with two eyes (a possible reference to the familiar eye-on-a-pyramid symbol on the US dollar bill.)


Sababa is calm at first meeting Keroro and co., after he and his minions were used as servants, they build a pyramid then suddenly they turned hostile and chased after Keroro so violently.


The name Sababa comes from sabaku, meaning desert.


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