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Dororo and Koyuki: A Beautiful Friendship, de arimasu + , Dororo: The Forgotten Warrior, de arimasu + , Fuyuki: From a Distant Ocean Came a Turtle de arimasu + , Keroro Platoon: The Sincerity That You Showed Me de arimasu + , Momoka: The Escape From Her Love And Youth And Troubles, de arimasu + , Natsumi: Come on the path of love Kururu, de arimasu + , Panic! On That Day, the Greatest Uproar in the Hinata Residence, de arimasu + , The Team of Five! Probably the Greatest Plan in All of History, de arimasu + Animation director
556: The Specialist At the Front Line, de arimasu + , Aki Hinata: Dynamite Woman, de arimasu + , Duel! The Third Molar, de arimasu + , Fuyuki Meets a Girl, de arimasu + , Fuyuki: Envoy Of Nontruma, de arimasu + , Fuyuki: Welcome to the Frightening World, de arimasu + , Giroro: A Little Angel on the Battlefield, de arimasu + , Giroro: The Man with Seven Faces de arimasu + , Giroro: The Most Dangerous Man in the Universe, de arimasu + , I am Sergeant Keroro, de arimasu + , Inner Momoka: The Story Behind Her Betrayal, de arimasu + , Keroro Lands, de arimasu + , Keroro Platoon Retreats! Good-bye, Pekopon, de arimasu + , Keroro Platoon: On TV! de arimasu + , Keroro vs. Natsumi: Decisive Battle at the Festival, de arimasu + , Keroro vs. Natsumi: Decisive Battle in the Water, de arimasu + , Keroro: Ambush Of the Countryside, de arimasu + , Keroro: Critcal Point Breached, de arimasu + , Keroro: Father is Going! Father is Coming! de arimasu + , Keroro: Onsen Go! Go! Go! de arimasu + ... Animation supervisor
Keroro Platoon Authorized! Passionate Learn to Draw Song!! + Lyricist
Keroro Platoon: The Sincerity That You Showed Me de arimasu + Storyboard
追崎史敏 + redirect page
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