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Aliases Exclusive Seibu Sumama
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Space Railway Security Practices Lecturer
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Sumama (スママ) (Also known as "Exclusive Seibu Sumama") is a Keronian created for promotional security posters for Seibu Railways. He's a member of the space railways and frequently travels around space. Seibu Railway provides a comfortable environment inside the cars and train stations in the future.

"I came from Keron, I am Sumama. But I'm still a child, in order to help you with strategy manners up of Seibu Railway, Mr. Sergeant Keroro called me to Pekopon! I work hard so that everyone can get into the feeling of always having fun, I love the train! I spend all my days with a smile if you observe the manners. ☆"


A boy from Keron, where people are familiar with the railway. The Space railway research association members, have activities that call for improvement of railway manners and brought this one home for each planet.

It was decided by Sergeant Keroro this time, to participate in the manners up operations in Seibu Railway as a special lecturer of railway manners.

History Edit

Although Sumama is still a young boy, he's a member of the Space Railways. He was called to Pekopon by Keroro to work in an operation which involved improving the manners of the Pekoponians who frequent the Seibu Railways. He works strenuously to see everyone taking the trains having smiles on their faces.


Sumama is a member of the Space Railways who travels from planet to planet helping improve railroad manners in each planet and spreading smiles.[1]

Sumama also appeared in one of the Keroro magazine, contains his history and bio referencing to his website.

Personality Edit

Sumama is bright, gentle, and disciplined. He enjoys his job and is a somewhat popular person who loves to smile. Sumama also likes to see the smile of those who use the train. His catchphrase is "Smile at ○○".

Appearance Edit

The main color of Sumama's body is white. He has a slightly darkened chest area, but his face is white like usual for a young Keronian, however, the color of his forehead is a light green. He wears blue rings on his wrists and legs, and his tadpole tail has a similar color. His eyes are round and colored with a vivid orange. Rather than the standard military hat, he wears a vehicle captain's hat. His mark, present both in his belly and his hat, are two rings crossing each other with a long green line above them. That's the Seibu Railways' emblem.

Speech mannerismsEdit

Showing his will to see everyone smiling, Sumama usually ends his sentences with De Smile (でスマイル). He also uses desu (です) like his best friend Tamama, but not in an exaggerated manner.

Calling SumamaEdit

NameWhat they call SumamaWhat Sumama calls them


  • He is possibly the first Keronian to have his own website rather than official Keroro website.


Sumama's name comes from the English word smile.


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