Supreme Commander
Keron Army Supreme Commander c283 01

Supreme Commander
First appearance Keroro Gunso Manga Encounter 283
Keroro Gunso Episode 357
Voiced by Banjō Ginga (Japanese)
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Occupation Commander of the Keron army
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The Supreme CommanderSupreme Commander (最高司令官 Saikō Shireikan) is a character from Keroro Gunso.

He was mentioned a few times throughout the original anime series, before making an actual appearance at the end, and years later would also appear in the manga, although with a fairly different design.


He is the commander of the Keron Army and ultimate leader and authority of Pekopon's invasion.

In the anime, although mentioned previously a few times and even several versions of himself appearing in delusions, he only makes his actual debut in episode 357. Judging Keroro's efforts to conquer the planet a failure, the Supreme Commander moves the main force of the Keron Army to start an all out military invasion of the planet. However, once meeting Fuyuki Hinata, who argues that Keroro's efforts had born fruit by conquering their hearts and how they wouldn't stand to live without each other anymore, the Supreme Commander approves Keroro's actions and leaves the operation to him once again.

In the manga, the Supreme Commander seemingly first appears in chapter 282 when he suddenly orders Keroro to be taken and strips the invasion authority out of him. Fuyuki takes Keroro's place in the platoon and goes with the others towards his ship to rescue Keroro. However, that Supreme Commander is revealed to be just a fake later. Mother Black Star, the biological computer that leads the Military Police of the Keron Army, used an hologram to take his appearance while attempting to get rid of Keroro.


  • Keroro often seems to see the Supreme Commander in his dreams.
  • His appearance in several delusions and the manga resembles Keroro's Father and the Colonel.
  • His outfit in the anime resembles Bariri's and Geriri's but with an unique helmet.


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