Tamama: Waking-up Kiss Is My Thing de arimasu
タママ 目覚めのキッスは僕のもの
Season +
Air date June 6, 2009
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Tamama: Waking-up Kiss Is My Thing de arimasufalse
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Tamama: Waking-up Kiss Is Mine, de arimasu (タママ 目覚めのキッスは僕のもの であります Tamama: Mezame no Kissu wa Boku no Mono, de arimasu) is the first part of the 266th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.

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Tamama goes to an early invasion meeting, but notices Keroro isn't there. Giroro says he is still asleep, so Tamama goes to wake him up. Dororo tries to tell him that Mois already went to do that, but Tamama had left by then.

Tamama watches from the doorway as Mois shakes Keroro to try to wake him up. Keroro leans up to turn over, and accidentally kisses Mois on the lips. Tamama becomes jealous and tries to kiss Keroro, but Mois Hellamagadons him.

Back at the Nishizawa mansion, Tamama comes up with a plan to kiss Keroro to wake him up.

The next day, Tamama does Keroro's chores for him so he can go sleep in his room. However when Tamama goes to check up on him, he finds out Keroro isn't asleep and is actually building Gundam. Tamama then successfully hypnotizes Keroro into falling asleep, but just as he is about to kiss him, Natsumi comes into the room and beats up Keroro for not doing his chores properly. Tamama, now, desperate, knocks Keroro out with a single punch and puts on hot pink lipstick. He then approaches him, but Keroro recovers in time and runs away.

In the base, Keroro first encounters Giroro. As Tamama runs down the hall, Keroro pushes Giroro in front of him and Tamama ends up kissing Giroro on the face. Keroro proceeds down the hall, where he meets Dororo. Tamama runs towards them again, and Keroro pushes Dororo into Tamama like he did with Giroro.

Keroro runs into the onsen room where Mois is. Tamama comes in, and Mois tries to defend Keroro but ends up being defeated. Keroro tries running but slips on the floor. Tamama is about to claim his victory when he sees a reflection of himself on a nearby mirror and is shocked when he isn't is normal "cute and lovely" self.

Tamama goes to the water, washes off the lipstick and walks away with tears in his eyes. The episode ends with Keroro having amnesia from getting a heavy blow on the head due to crashing on the onsen room floor, and Tamama, having not learnt his lesson, still attempts to kiss Keroro, only to be stopped by Mois while a traumatized Giroro and Dororo watch in horror.

Trivia Edit

  • These is one of the few episodes where Tamama plays the main role.
  • Aside from episode 197, this is one of the most disturbing episodes for a very long time.
  • Of all the members of the Keroro Platoon, Kururu is the only member whom Tamama did not kiss.
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