[edit]Template documentation


  • {{cat|{{subst:PAGENAME}}}} if the template's name is same as the category's name
  • {{cat|Template name|Category name}} otherwise, not recommended

Transclude this template into another template for the articles which use that template to be categorized in that category, but will not be categorized in the category itself.

  • template with {{cat}} - [[Category:{{{1}}}]]
  • category with template - none
  • articles with template - [[Category:{{{1}}}|{{PAGENAME}}]]

Example: {{cat|Garuru Platoon}} categorizes Garuru Platoon, Garuru, Zoruru, etc. in Category:Garuru Platoon, but the category will not be categorized in itself.

The template itself will not be categorized until further discussion. The template itself would be automatically categorized as a bugfix.

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