Copied from Wikipedia, either from the original or from the transwiki project.

See wikipedia:Template:Navbox for more information on usage.

Changed parameters

  • navbarnavbartype - "plain" to hide the navbar.
  • navbar - specify a custom navbar such as {{tnavbar-back}}.
  • backref - to specify an additional back arrow link on the navbar.


(dark coloring from {{Documentation}}, see here for proof)

Technical information

Except for my addition of a backref parameter and the {{jshideblock}} code, this navbox is essentially the same as the one in WP:TRAN. Here are the code changes I have to do to my version of the code:

  • Added a <div> wrapped around the whole code. This is a workaround for additional space created by the first <nowiki> tag. For example, placing two Navboxes together like this:
{{Some Navbox}}
{{Foo bar}}

will create a <p> between the two because of the nowiki tag. This can be worked around using:

{{Some Navbox}}<nowiki />
{{Foo bar}}

or using my fix.

  • Fixed alternation code. One reason why we shouldn't always use copy and paste. Maybe this fix can be committed back to WP?
  • Added a Javascript hiding div. This acts similar to a noscript where the enclosed code will be displayed if JavaScript is not present.

A latest version of this template (without the backref parameter and JS hiding) is available at Template:Navbox/original.

Note: Some wikis may have an existing table.navbox code, these may interfere with the navbox CSS when added.

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