Termite Queen
Termite Queen in love with Joriri.
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 198–A
Gender Female
Species / Type Space Termite
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Termite Queen is a Space Termite in Keroro Gunso.


She was mentioned by the space termites that she went away because she fell in love with someone. She was seen with Joriri, on top of the leaf, revealing that she was in love with him.


She's a white space termite wearing a jagged white and pink dress, pink antennas resembling a tiara with red and orange shadings on its tips, and pink eyelashes.


The Termite Queen does not have a lot of information regarding herself, only reveals that she is lovable towards Joriri despite being the leader of the Space Termites.


  • Her only line is "Utsuteki!" ("Nice!").
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