Thought Absorber
Voiced by Chiwa Saito
Gender Female
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Thought Absorber (Originally knows as "Uru") is an alien in Keroro Gunso.


According to Keroro, the final day of the month in the calendar contains Uru will cause destruction in Pekopon. In the next episode, it was actually true, but it actually resembling to Natsumi.

Uru has the ability to absorb thoughts to come true, Keroro was thinking and picturing Uru to be resemblance to Natsumi, which made Natsumi began to burst anger with him. Uru disappeared into light, and turned into its final form, a Gunpla made by Fuyuki because he made a last thought to be a Gunpla, but it was later destroyed.


Uru can shoot lasers from her eyes and shoot a large range of beam from her mouth, resembling to Tamama Impact.

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