Tomoko Kawakami
Nakata, Watanabe, Chie and Tomoko at a movie 2 interview

(In order of appearance: Hitoshi Nakata, Chiwa Saito, Kumiko Watanabe and Tomoko Kawakami)

Real name Tomoko Kawakami
Nickname Tomo-Zou (とも蔵)
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Birth date April 25, 1970
Death date June 9, 2011 (Age 41)

Tomoko Kawakami (川上 とも子 Kawakami Tomoko) was a female seiyū from Tokyo, Japan.

She was the voice of Fuyuki Hinata in the Keroro Gunso anime until episode 232. Since August 2008, the role had been voiced by Hoko Kuwashima.

She sadly passed away on June 9, 2011 after a two year battle with ovarian cancer. She was 41.

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  • She was 150 cm (5' 1") tall.
  • In an online blog post for the second movie, Tomoko stated she was looking forward to what would become of the movie.

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