Tomosu Hinohara
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 22 Encounter 184
Keroro File 009
Voiced by Emiri Kato (Japanese)
Age 11
Gender Male
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Student
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Tomosu Hinohara (火ノ原 灯 Hinohara Tomosu) is a protagonist of the series Keroro Gunso.


He is a junior student and head of Fuyuki's Occult Club. Since encountering Shin Keroro, they have been living together by will.

Appearance and characteristicsEdit

  • Hair - Pointed at the sides
  • Hair color - Brown
  • Eye color - Red/Brown
  • Height - about 142 cm
  • Weight - about 34 kg
  • Age - 11

Relationships Edit

Shin KeroroEdit

Their relationship mirrors that of Keroro and Fuyuki Hinatas. Tomosu treats Shin Keroro like a little brother. Shin Keroro demands a lot of attention, and Tomosu usually gives it to him.

Myou KaneamiEdit

Myou is Tomosu's classmate. She usually joins in conversations about Paranormal stuff with Tomosu and Fuyuki, showing that both her and Tomosu are friends.

Fuyuki Hinata Edit

Tomosu and Fuyuki are shown to be close friends. Tomosu and Fuyuki both seem to like paranormal beings, and are shown talking about it, along with Myou. In episode 10 of Keroro they were paired up, and they enjoyed the landmarks they were allowed to visit Fuyuki even seen taking a picture of Tomosu.

Natsumi Hinata Edit

Natsumi and Tomosu haven't been seen interacting, but it seems they are friends. Natsumi seemed worried when Tomosu and Fuyuki disappear, and she is seen giving snacks to Myou, Fuyuki, and him.


Tomosu Banner ad
  • In the banner ad for volume 22, Tomosu's eyes are blue instead of the brown-red he was given in the flash series.


Tomosu's name (火ノ原 灯) translates to "The fire of the original Light".


Shin and Tomosu meet for the first time
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