A Trauma Switch is a state when someone becomes quickly depressed and shocked. This can be visually identified by someone quietly talking to themselves. Another sign is when the person has a black/ colored aura around them, or black lines on a person's head. Sometimes, when a trauma switch is about to turn on, it shows a rectangular circuit with an open part which closes, completing the circuit and activating the trauma. A popping/ clicking sound is also heard with this image. So far, Dororo, Keroro, Tamama, Giroro and Pururu have been seen with this.


One of the many reasons why Dororo's trauma switch turns on. Keroro accidentally throws what looks like a stielhandgranate (Stalk Hand Grenade) at Dororo.

Dororo's trauma switch turns on when he is reminded of the horrible parts of his childhood. He has been seen in Trauma Switch mode the most.

Keroro's trauma switch turns on when he feels extremely guilty for what he has done to Dororo in the past (episode 57). One time his switch turned on when he could not make it to the All Japan Ora Dendro Competition [Episode 258] (He is only seen in this state a few times)


Pururu in her trauma switch

Pururu's trauma switch turns on when she is called old (Obasama or Obachan).

Tamama's trauma switch happens in episode 225 when he becomes nervous to jump off a high diving board. His trauma switch also happens in episode 258 when the depression of Keroro spreads to him. This also happens to Giroro, but Giroro also goes into his Trauma Switch in episode 167-b.

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