First appearance Episode 114
Gender Male
Species / Type Gozaru Alien
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Ukee (Also known as "Ukki") is a character in Keroro Gunso.


According to Oro and Mulou, he was the alien who defeat their father, Rao, the champion of Space Rock-Paper-Scissors. So he was hunted by the two children to obtain their revenge.


The two children mistook Giroro for Ukee due to the red colored skin and a scar through his right eye. Ukee appears with Keroro before he start eating shrimp tempuras. Keroro escort with him, despite he found him already, he tells Tamama to defeat him so it will be look like that Ukee is under arrest when he's defeated, but later, they lost. Oro and Mulou finally found Ukee, but it reveals that he wants to challenge Oro to play Space Rock-Paper-Scissors at the end of the episode.

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