aka Oliver

  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on May 27
  • I am He-Male (Female)

LOL Meeting Pururu I guess?

Hello everyone, I'm CopperPuru27 and I'm the current admin for the Keroro Wikia!

I truly love everything Keroro Gunso and Sgt. Frog related, and if you ever need help with anything or want someone to talk to I am always willing to listen.

hallo jedermann, mein namen ist CopperPuru27 und ich bin die admin für keroro wikia! Ich auch spreche ein bisschen deutsch, aber, sprechen zu mich!!!!

(This user/ admin is AWESOME!)

 : Reclaim The Starry Sky Edit

The rumored '6th Movie', I want to really watch it! I know it's only available at planetarium's, but I've been digging around, and it seems like such a good movie! Even if it is only 25 minutes long! Me oh my, why does it tease me?


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