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You are not expecting this, right? Orikero by Daikeroro on Deviantart

Greetings! If you wonder why my username is HalfKiruruGeneral, it's because I had written my own Keroro fanfiction (some parts of the story are close to Keroro Gunso's true storyline.) The primary antagonist in my story is a half-Kiruru, half-Keronian General of the villainous army. Feel free to talk with me anything about Keroro Gunso & couple pairings.

I joined Keroro Forum too (See DesuMasuta's page for the link). I made some contributions there. I also want to tell a few things about my anime-based fan-fiction, if somebody replies to me on the Forum.

Bad news is, Mine Yoshizaki told me that he is unable to understand my story on DeviantArt via Twitter since my story are all written in English, he thanked me for the message by the way. Instead of waiting for the latest manga chapter, I read Ika Musume's manga chapters everyday.

(I am 19's and Chinese Malaysian)

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