I'm on an indefinite Wiki-break.


Hi, this is koisuru, and I'm an editor from Wikipedia and some wikis in Wikia.


Please leave messages at the bottom of either my talk page at Central or on the relevant Wikia. Thanks!


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f - founder, b - bureaucrat, a - administrator

Wiki skills

I'm good in template code, transclusion, substitution, and parameters. I'm also knowledgeable in CSS, Semantic MediaWiki and of course wikicode. If you have any technical questions, you can leave a message in my talk page.

Wiki toolsEdit


[Templates I made or improved]

  • {{Navbox}} - Wikipedia (Transwiki) improved/debugged version.
  • {{Spoiler}} - Collapsible spoiler warning with skip links that can be used many times or even nested!
  • {{Tooltip}} - Simple tooltip. Live example: What?[are you looking at]
  • {{Cat}} - Automatic categorization template using templates, e.g. navboxes. Maybe one of the most complex templates I made. As an example, placing {{cat|Garuru Platoon}} on the Template:Garuru Platoon navbox will categorize the pages (main namespace only) the navbox is transcluded in (Garuru, Tororo, etc.) to Category:Garuru Platoon. If the navbox is placed on the main article concerned (Garuru Platoon), the article would be the main article of the category. The navbox can also be placed on the category page and {{cat}} will do nothing.


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