aka Sgt. art

  • I live in a Pekoponian Country/U.S.A.
  • My occupation is To help people in need.
  • I am a pekoponian girl.

About Tails10546 Edit

Hello people! Well I'm going tell some stuff about me. Here are games, TV shows and books I like: Sonic, Klono
Space Roller Coaster GO GO!

Space Roller Coaster GO GO!

a, Bone(Fone Bone), Code Lyoko, Minecraft and Roblox.  wiki for now. For some photos for that character...I have to go on DeviantART to find find them because I can't find them on Manga or Anime series sometimes. I love the chibi days of Keroro, It's so fun! I'm like the only girl on this wiki now. I'm not a werid. Some boys think girls are werid. But I'm bad at spelling. I'm friendly too. I don't use bad words. Also I'm finding the voice actors from Sgt. Frog. How I do that is by going on Behind The Vocie Actors.(Be back with more.)


My favorite pages Edit

  1. Kururu
  2. Shin Keroro
  3. Dark Keroro
  4. Dororo
  5. Shivava

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Dark Keroro Platoon and Keroro RPG Edit

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