Warrior Kero VI: A Hero Resurrects!! de gozasourou
武者ケロ 六の巻 蘇る勇者!! でござそうろう
Season +
Air date February 14, 2009
Screenplay Masahiro Yokotani +
Storyboard Nobuhiro Kondo +
Direction 米田和博 +
Animation director Takuro Shinbo +
高瀬健一 +
Animation supervisor 糸島雅彦 +
This episode: Episode 250
Warrior Kero VI: A Hero Resurrects!! de gozasourou
Next episode: Episode 251
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Warrior Kero VI: A Hero Resurrects!! de gozasouroufalse
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Warrior Kero VI: A Hero Resurrects!! de gozasourou (武者ケロ 六の巻 蘇る勇者!! でござそうろう Musha Kero: Roku no Maki: Yomigaeru Yuusha, de gozasourou) is the 250th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso. We start off from the last episode where a monster starts destroying the cave where the miners and the Keroro Platoon are. While Keroro is still freaking out about the monster, the rest of the Platoon rescues the citizens. As part of the warrior Viper brother's plan, the monster starts destoying everything. However, the tables are turned and the monster attacks him causing him to blow up and send him flying into the cave wall. Meanwhile, Yukino is still looking for the final weapon which is hidden in the fortress of the warrior viper. Dororo offers to help her while the rest of the platoon stalls the monster long enough to find the weapon. The Keroro Platoon starts attacking the monster with Giroro's gun and Tamama's farts. However, they are not strong enough. Fortunatly, Yukino and Dororo find the final weapon in time and the other weapons find their way to their owners. Soon, Yukino has a plan to seal the monster by having the monster attack the cave walls and sealing itself. The plan is sucessful and everyone gets out on time. Unfortunatly, the monter has grown and is going to destroy the entire planet. As the monster is about to attack, A beam hits it. It turns out it came from the ship Mutsuzou. Also, Princess Momo arive along with O-Natsu and Fuyukichi. It is revealed that they are the legendary heroes! Finally, all the weapons are combined, and the weapon turns out to be a warrior version of the Grand Keron robot. Keroro and his platoon uses the robot to take down the monster. Finally, they use a star shaped spear to push the monster into a crack that divides time and space. However, Kururu informs them that if they push the monster in their, They will be stuck in their with it. Keroro and his platoon agrees and they take a chance go inside the crack. As platoon reaches the barrier of time and space, the legendary heroes memories reach them causing the platoon to return. It also reveals that the weapon and the monster has returned to its rightful place. After a thankful goodbye, the platoon leaves planet Sengoku. Dororo tells the platoon that they did a responcible thing but he is cut off by a Complaining Keroro which turns back on his trauma switch. Finally, the Warrior Kero saga ends as the Warrior Viper Brothers are seen getting arrested. The title is parodied from the drama series Yomigaeru Kin-Rou (蘇える金狼).

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