The Warrior Kero series is a series of Keroro Gunso media wherein the Keroro Platoon travels to the planet Sengoku Ran.


The Keroro Platoon travels to planet Sengoku Ran and assumes the name Warrior Kero Platoon in order to defeat the 6 Warrior Viper brothers that are terrorizing the citizens. To do this, they collect the five Keronian war artifacts that will form the ultimate weapon.

A running gag in this series is that the narrator ends his sentences with de gozasourou and a message machine landing on Keroro's head squishing him flat.


During their mission, the ranks of the members of the platoon are as follows: Warrior Keroro, Common Foot Soldier Tamama, Ranger Giroro, Doctor Kururu and Chief Dororo


Platoon members Armor / Getup Weapons Legendary weapon
Keroro Thick green armor with big green gloves and a warrior helmet. A red lightsaber A green lightsaber with the blade in the form of a dragon.
Tamama Same thick armor as Keroro's but only black. Also, he has big black gloves and a wide rim steel hat with a rhinoceros beetle on top. A polearm with multicolored dango. An armored glove in the form of a tiger.
Giroro A brown wide rim straw hat and a brown leather shawl. A gun that shoots red beams. A high-tech bazooka with blasts in the form of a bird.
Kururu A white and orange jacket with black pants. Inside his orange jacket, there are many spices and cooking instruments that are used for making curry. N/A A robot that makes things come to life.
Dororo A blue ninja uniform with the same big gloves as Keroro and Tamama but only blue. His ninja mask is now black with a large red jewel in the form a shuriken. He also wears a blue gas mask and wears a red bandana around his neck. A red lightsaber-like blade. Has the ability to unite the other members' legendary weapons. In the manga, he has light blue armored glove with claws.
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