Wool Alien
Wool Planet
The main Wool Alien shown as drawn by Mine Yoshizaki.
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 25 Encounter 231: The Call For Reinforcements! The Super Fluffy Plan!!
Aliases Wool Planet
Gender Male/Female
Species / Type Wool Alien
Occupation Ally to the Keron Army
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The Wool Planet (ウール惑星 Ūru wakusei) is a planet featured in Volume 25 of the manga.

Story Edit

History Edit

According to Giroro, the Wool Planet's inhabitants are very peaceful and don't like to fight to much. They are considered allies of the Keron Army though and they are known for their fluffy wool. The wool has demonstrated to be very tough and sturdy against anything making it the best armor one can get.

Behaviors Edit

The Wool Aliens are peaceful and quite gentle usually, though Kururu states that they greet each other with rather strong headbutts, enough to knock Shin Keroro several feet away. If the wool alien leaves their planet, their wool supply will gradually decrease until they are left bare. The Female wool alien also compares her people's wool to Pekopon's cotton.

The Female Wool Alien shown is very polite to the Keroro Platoon, excluding Shin Keroro and Giroro. She is very stubborn at times and like the others ignores Dororo's presence.

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