Yotaka Elementary School
Musashi Yotaka Elementary School v01 c03 01
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 282–A
Keroro Gunso Volume 1 Encounter 3
Aliases Yotsutaka
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Yotaka Elementary School (四鷹小学校 Yotaka Shō Gakō) is an elementary school located in Musashi(manga) or Inner Tokyo(anime) where Fuyuki and Momoka studied in the very first chapters of the manga. The anime initially skipped over it, starting with both Fuyuki and Momoka already in Kissho Academy, although eventually Yotaka was shown in an episode focused on Momoka's backstory[1].

In the anime, Yotaka's main building carries the Yo ( Yo) kanji as an emblem, although that isn't visible in the manga's view of the building. Its name was also pronounced as "Yotsutaka".

According to the manga, Natsumi and her friends also had studied there before moving to Kissho, although that was never mentioned in the anime. Eventually, two new characters would be introduced as students from Yotaka in the present, Tomosu and Myou.

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Fuyuki was the president of an active Occult Club during his Yotaka years, with several other members, including Makoto Higashino and Izumi Kitase. However, after graduation, the club was basically abandoned, and by the time Fuyuki meets Tomosu, Tomosu is Yotaka's only Occult Club member.

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