Ph 21
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 202
Keroro Land Volume 11
Voiced by Eiji Maruyama
Age Adult
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian Snowman
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Yukiki (ユキキ) is a member of the Shurara Corps, appearing in Keroro Gunso, Keroro Land, and Anokoro Keroro Gunso. He is introduced as "Yukiki of the Mount Daisetsuzan."


Yukiki is an adult snowman Keronian. He has squinted, blue pupils and a carrot for a nose. The symbol on his light blue stomach is a silhouette of a two-tiered snowman with eyes. This symbol also appears on his hat which consists of a red bucket with a blue scarf under it to make ear flaps. His arms are orange and he wears red mittens. His legs are two stacked snowballs and he wears orange shoes and a red ball, resembling a tail.


Yukiki has the unique ability to disguise himself as a snowman by pulling in his arms and legs. He can form himself from a swirling Arctic wind, creating a block of ice from which he materializes himself. He can freeze items such as Giroro's guns, making them useless.


Being made from snow, Yukiki will melt under extreme heat. Kururu defeats him with a heat gun, leaving Yukiki as nothing but a puddle with his gloves and bucket hat laying next to it. However, even in that state he somehow survives.


  • Yukiki's creators name is "廣瀬真也-くん" (Hirose Makoto-kun) from the Orikero submission.


Yukiki's name came from the Japanese word "yuki" (snow), and Mount Daisetsu (Daisetsuzan 大雪山?) literally translates to great snowy mountain.


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